My experience with credit travels back to the year 2000 where I received an offer in a financial position in the Auto Industry. Working in this position, I learned that many people had credit issues, thus preventing them from obtaining a vehicle. I was also handling major challenges in my personal life: A marketing company that was not performing well, a failed personal relationship that left me tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and my debt to income ratio was astronomical. I was living off my credit cards by only paying the minimum balance, therefore, came to the realization I could no longer afford the minimum payments.

Credit is such a reflection on how you handle your financial readiness; it can and most likely be used against you in many circumstances. As I studied more about credit and how a Financial Intuition uses that information to approve or decline loans, I learned that there was more than just paying your debt. It included either having too much or too little credit. I learned that a $500.00 balance on a $500.00 limit was worse than having a $2,000.00 balance on a $5,000.00 limit. Additionally, I started to work in the Rental Market and discovered how credit can prevent you from renting an apartment and/or a obtaining a new job.

My goal is to assist you in removing fraudulent items off of your credit while maintaining a high score. These techniques should stay with you for the rest of your life! You will be able to pay lower interest rates, get the jobs you want, and purchase the home you want for less money with lower interest rates.

I am eager to assist you to help you improve your credit!

Let's get started!